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One of the biggest fears female athletes have in collegiate sports is the infamous myth of “getting big.” It’s crazy how big the divide is between males and females in this way. Guys hit the gym and are stoked on setting a new personal record when they squat and girls are terrified they won’t fit into their skinny jeans anymore. But this idea is so misconceived!

For a girl to “get big” in the same way that a male puts on muscle, she would need to infuse her body with Creatine, pre-workout, post-workout, and on top of that lift an insane amount quite frequently. In comparison, collegiate sports lift about three times a week. Yes, females do put on some muscle but the visible change is very slight.

It’s easy for girls to look in the mirror and compare themselves to their younger bodies that held very little meat on their bones. And it’s easy to be scared by the change, especially in this society. I am in no way immune to this. I too have been, and still am, afflicted by this self judgement because of how easy it is to get sucked in. Just scroll through Instagram’s popular page and see the tall, lanky models and it isn’t difficult to forget that they are such different people with such different goals!

Luckily there is a way out of this self loathing! By replacing that self loathe with self love, girls can embrace their strength and walk proud among other students. I pledge to make a change with how I view my body and I ask that you do the same. Just remember that strong isn’t just the new beautiful, strong has always been beautiful.

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