Thanksgiving Break

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In high school, Thanksgiving Break was always a time to see my friends, but now that I’m in college, it is definitely a time to see my family. Oh, and my dogs.

This was the first week I have been home since I left for college and it was definitely an overdue trip. I love college and I love Cal but being home in sunny San Diego where the weather is predictable and I don’t have class is hard to compete with. I honestly appreciated being home so much more after being away from my loving parents. Above all, I got to see my family, especially my mom.

Mom’s aren’t given enough credit nowadays (especially mine). They are always there for you, especially during the recruiting process. A few years ago I remember my mom helping out a tremendous amount. She would sit at every tournament and help me film each game. She helped me type up emails to many coaches and let me practice the phone calls with her too. Most importantly, she helped me decide on what school would be the best fit for me (go bears!)

So this break, even though she wasn’t helping me with recruitment, she was still there for me to talk about classes and how I am adjusting to college. And I wouldn’t want anyone else there for me. I love you mom!!

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