Demands of the Weight Room by Iya Lindahl

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Athletes are just like other students in a lot of ways: they go to class, they stay up late studying, and they devote hours to homework. Except there is one difference. They do all of this with aching muscles. And while athletes might not always be lifting, the demands of the weight room are constantly looming. 

Although the weight room may only take an hour of tangible time from an athlete, it affects us in other ways. Sore muscles mean ice baths which take time. Sore muscles mean extra stretching before practice which takes extra time. And sore muscles means a tired body which requires more sleep. Overall, these tasks accumulate and take a lot of time from an athlete’s busy schedule.

The weight room does demand a lot, but what it gives in return is worth it. The hours athletes put into lifting transform good athletes into champions. When I first started lifting I was often fatigued and felt like it was making me a worse player. But after time when my muscles were able to grow, I became a much quicker and stronger player. So yes, athletes may groan about the commitment to sacrifice their body and time for the game, but it just helps distinguish the good from the great. 

By Iya Lindahl: Iya is a beach volleyball player at Cal Berkeley. She will continue to write articles about her experience as a college athlete.

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