Life of a College Athlete Part 2

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Along with maintaining healthy relationships, being a student-athlete has other demanding aspects: the student and athlete part. At practice, coaches and teammates expect 100% of your energy during those designated 4 hours. In class, each professor expects 100% of your focus to the lecture and assignments. Overall, it really adds up.

Giving 100% of yourself to so many classes, sports, and friendships can be exhausting. So what do we do if we don’t want to disappoint anyone? Well the truth is that I’m still learning and might always still be learning. I try my best to be my best and focus on what is important to me while being aware that I might not always play my best game and I definitely will not ace every test.

It is quite difficult and unrealistic to devote yourself completely to so many different things. That is why it is important to find a balance between these aspects so you can stay happy, healthy, and have a good college experience!

Written By: Iya Lindahl

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Iya will be writing about her experience as a student athlete at the next level. The goal is to give student athletes going through the recruiting process a different perspective, and help you understand the commitment to play at the division 1 level in college.

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